Chance to take a springtime carriage ride through a mile of daffodils

The 'mile of daffodils' at Honing. Picture: MAURICE GRAY

The 'mile of daffodils' at Honing. Picture: MAURICE GRAY - Credit: Archant

Do you fancy a ride on a carriage pulled by a tractor to see, and appreciate, rides along a mile-long country lane framed by thousands of daffodils which pop up each year at Honing, near North Walsham?

The traditional event draws hundreds of visitors to support the 20-year-old spectacle which began, it is said, when a Honing farmer was given tonnes of under-sized, late flowering, daffodil bulbs for sheep feed and because the farm hands were not too sure about the safety considerations, decided to dump the bulbs on each side of the mile-long lane.

Ever since the late bulbs blossom every year during the end of March, when the community holds a celebration event for everyone to enjoy.

This year, on Sunday, March 24, the fun begins at 11am to 4pm at the Honing Village Hall, where refreshments are available including jacket potatoes, lunches, homemade cakes, soft drinks, teas and coffee. There will also be a tombola and regular tractor rides along Honing Long Lane and lots more.

At 1pm there will be a display of panoramic photos in Honing Church, the first since the recent church revamp and a chance for visitors to look around the church where questions can be answered by church supporters.

Great fun for all the family, with proceeds in aid of the Honing Church Fabric Fund.