Rhapsody was a little bit blue!

A bit of Norfolk seaside rock is set to take the internet video world by storm.

The summer variety show at the end of Cromer pier is well-known for its live stage entertainment.

But the Seaside Special is now featuring on YouTube thanks to the cast's fun version of Queen's classic anthem Bohemian Rhapsody.

The 10-minute film, called Crohemian Rhapsody, was shot in the last weeks of the show's summer run.

It was premiered at the usual end-of-season 'awards night' – a private show which involves much mickey-taking and 'in jokes' among the family-like cast and support staff.

Ben Simmons, who headlined this year's show with dad Keith and is also a video enthusiast, said: 'Last year one of the dancers did a film of Amarillo featuring the cast, so I decided to take it on a bit further.'

He and lead dancer Andy Young worked out how to put pictures to the song, and set about filming it, starting during carnival week in mid August.

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It opens with Ben surrounded by raincoat-wearing dancers who strip to their underwear to the line 'Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?'

Cast members are then seen miming and acting out lyrics, while staff from pier manager Ian Hall to ushrettes, wardrobe mistresses, first aiders, barmen and box office workers also join in – particularly during the big head-banging guitar solo, armed with blow-up insturments.

Ben said: 'There were about 85 different bits that needed to be put together, which I did on days off or after shows.

'It took about 15 hours, which was more than I thought, but it was worth it. People enjoyed it at the awards night and wanted DVDs, then I put it on YouTube and it has been getting good hits.'

He hoped the short film was a nice souvenir of the season for show fans, but also entertaining for those who had not seen it.

At the end it also has some stills from the season, showing the cast on stage and off, relaxing at fun events, on their carnival floats, and doing a sleepover in the theatre to check for ghosts.

To see the video visit the website www.northnorfolknews24.co.uk