Review: Nigel Havers at the Auden Theatre (Holt Festival)

Nigel Havers appeared at the Holt Festival. Picture: supplied by Holt Festival

Nigel Havers appeared at the Holt Festival. Picture: supplied by Holt Festival - Credit: Archant

Nigel Havers, the son of the former Attorney General Sir Michael Havers has starred in numerous productions both on stage, screen and TV for the best part of 50 years. He is best known for playing the quintessential, old school Englishman with dashing good looks, cut-glass accent and thoroughly charming manner.

He was therefore as expected, charming and witty from the offset. A natural performer in front of an audience. Anwen Hurt was on stage with him to keep order and ask questions, yet he needed only the gentlest of prodding to bring out a plethora of stories from before and throughout his long and interesting career.

Perhaps also unsurprisingly he came across as someone who understood his craft and approached all roles very professionally.

He freely admitted that he is one of the few actors who enjoys being a guest on chat shows and was very at ease taking questions from the audience at the end.

The hour passed very quickly and he left the audience wanting more. My lasting impression is that he would make fascinating perfect dinner guest who would regale everyone with stories late into the night.

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