Review: Flo & Joan at the Auden Theatre, Holt (Holt Festival)

Norwich Playhouse new season - Flo and Joan: Alive on Stage.Photo: supplied by Norwich Playhouse

Norwich Playhouse new season - Flo and Joan: Alive on Stage.Photo: supplied by Norwich Playhouse - Credit: supplied by Norwich Playhouse

Flo & Joan, (real life sisters Nicola and Rosie Dempsey), were the musical comedy act heading the main programme at the Auden Theatre on Monday evening.

They adopted the stage names 'Flo and Joan' after their grandmother and her sister. For anyone who think that they may not be familiar with their work, their faces would be recognisable from the Nationwide adverts.

Lady Crisps, Weddings, parcel deliveries and binge drinking are among the topics that get covered by the Flo & Joan treatment to much applause and admiration from the packed out but very warm venue.

Both sisters became visibly more relaxed on stage as the show and audience warmth developed. They are remarkably in tune with each other in more ways than one, they pick up on cues and spontaneous remarks with just a glance. Impressively tight, complex word play was evident in every song but a particular highlight was 'Cracker Packer Carol' providing the audience an opportunity to join in with a tongue twister which demonstrated how on top of their craft they actually are.

Every song is delivered with perfect diction and pronunciation combined with piano, recorder, castanets and egg shaker skills. The word play is a complex joy and very sharp. Rosie (aka Joan) has a really good voice and was of the two at most ease when chatting with the audience. At the end of the show the sisters acknowledge that it isn't 'cool' to do their act. It isn't easy, either and requires both talent and practice.

They have the talent and potential that with the right breaks to become household names and then we will recall fondly that we first saw them perform at the Holt Festival. A good booking and a good night.

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