Review: Double Double at Sheringham Little Theatre

Emily Outred and John Macneill in rehearsal for Double Double, the second of five dramas in the Sher

Emily Outred and John Macneill in rehearsal for Double Double, the second of five dramas in the Sheringham Little Theatre's sumer season. Picture: MATT COOMBER - Credit: Archant

Sheringham Little Theatre's regularly impressive professional summer shows return again this year and 'Double Double', the second of five, is a corker.

A scene from Double Double. Picture: SLT

A scene from Double Double. Picture: SLT - Credit: Archant

Co-written by Rick Elice and his partner Roger Rees (memorable for playing Robin Colcord in US sitcom 'Cheers'), this production benefits from Simon Thompson's deft direction, allowing the sparring banter and verbal rhythms to rattle engagingly around the stage.

A pristinely elegant set is the backdrop for this entertaining, absorbing and often hilarious encounter between anxious homeowner Phillipa (played by Emily Outred with expertly pinched primness) and her homeless drunk invitee, Duncan (John Macneill, reeking of whisky and dishevelled menace).

The thrilling plot involves money - or does it? - and big laughs arrive as the characters and plot develop. It's not so much a 'whodunnit' as a 'whydunnit' - but all the while, the mystery grows…

The set is exquisite, the lighting clear, and the music rarely yet tastefully deployed. The costume department excel with Phillipa's tastefully stylish outfits contrasting beautifully with Duncan's unhomely tat.

'Double Double' tantalisingly keeps the audience guessing right until the end and a full house enjoyed it hugely, deservedly giving the cast a final ovation.


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