Norfolk’s charm celebrated on canvas by Cromer artist

Samuel Thomas's work ‘The Canaries’

Samuel Thomas's work ‘The Canaries’ - Credit: Archant

A new collection of paintings some of which stray away from the traditional use of canvas are set to be released by a north Norfolk artist.

Samuel Thomas from Cromer has been working on a new collection of diverse paintings with limited edition prints of each painting due to be released in time for the summer.

'The Canaries' captures the spirit and determination of both the Norwich city football-players and their passionate and loyal fans of the team. 'Surf's Up' has a real connection to the Seascape it depicts as it is painted onto a previously used surfboard that was used to surf the Cromer waves. '

'April Showers' 'is inspired by the dramatic woodland walks of Victory V on the Felbrigg Hall estate.

'Norwich A fine City' & 'Norwich Cathedral' are some popular Norwich inspired scenes which form part of a wider collection of north Norfolk inspired scenes.

Mr Thomas said: 'Being a self-taught artist I am always thinking outside of the box in terms of what objects can be transformed into art.'

Mr Thomas's work is well-known around North Norfolk.

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In 2014 he helped raise money for various charities as part of the Crab and Lobster Festival when his decorated boat sold for the most amount of money at the festival's annual art auction selling for £430.

To see or purchase any of the artworks, visit the Garden House Gallery in Cromer or