New Football Golf opens in Cromer

 Hughie Cabbell Manners at the entrance of Football Golf on Hall Road

Hughie Cabbell Manners at the entrance of Football Golf on Hall Road - Credit:  Hughie Cabbell Manners / Jungle PR

A new activity that combines the beautiful game with a round of golf has come to Cromer.

Called Football Golf, the venture has been launched by Hughie Cabbell Manners, alongside the existing family businesses, Amazona Zoo and the Pick Your Own, on Hall Road in the town.

The aim of Football Golf is to play nine holes with the lowest possible number of kicks of the ball. Each obstacle has a value number, and every ten points takes a player's overall number of shots down by one.

Mr Cabbell Manners said: “We are really excited to launch something new and unique in north Norfolk, which is good fun, outdoors and is really good exercise. It’s a fun way to spend quality time with friends and family.

He added: “We wanted to offer affordable outdoor entertainment. As a family, we think Football Golf is great for people to enjoy outside together on their holiday and for those who live in the area.”

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