Cromer Seaside Special 2011 posters unveiled

Posters for the annual Seaside Special variety show at Cromer Pier were unveiled last week by Norman Lamb MP, who described the event as 'critical' to the local economy.

The show is in its 34th year and brings in more than 40,000 visitors a season from around the country.

A total of 120 performances will run from June 18 until September 24.

The posters will be placed in town centres and roadside spots around north Norfolk in coming weeks.

During the unveiling on the pier on Friday Mr Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, was also presented tickets for the opening night.

'I've enjoyed it before, I took our teenage son one year and he loved it,' he said.

'One of the great things about it is it does appeal to every age.

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'You can get pensioners rocking on their seats, you can get young people having a great time.'

'It's fantastic that it's been maintained in Cromer,' he added.

Speaking during British Tourism Week, Mr Lamb said that attractions such as the pier and its shows were vital for the region.

'Tourism is critical in north Norfolk, it's critical to the local economy,' he said.

'There's an immense number of people employed in tourism and it brings in a lot of money.'

Ian Hall, general manager of Cromer Pier, said that more Summer Seaside Special shows and concerts were being held this year than ever before.

'In the face of recession and all the doom and gloom we're trying to get people out from in front of their TV sets and have a great time,' he said.

The main attraction would be the Seaside Special, he said.

'It's always got comedy, music and dance in it.

'This year one of the speciality acts is a balance act.'

A School's Out Seaside Special Show will also be held during the summer from July 29 to September 2, suitable for children from three.

Tickets for the school event and the main show can be bought now at the box office by calling 01263 512495 or visiting