Wheelers cyclists battle the elements

CYCLING: North Norfolk Wheelers' final two time trials of the 2010 season were plagued by bad weather.

The weather on September 26 was so bad only Karl Read and Nick Poulter braved the appalling wind and rain. Karl still managed to put in a good time of 22:07.

On Sunday the rain stayed away until after the time trial, but the wind was awful. Five Wheelers and six guests turned out to ride out the end of the season and there were some exceptional performances for this late in the year.

Burgess of Eastern Region Velo put in the second-fastest time on the course this year, completing the time trial in just 21:30, and two of the three riders from VC Norwich put in personal bests, Browne and Gleeson.

The Wheelers were particularly pleased to welcome two guest riders from Spain, Barber and Herrero, who came second and third respectively with excellent times.

They thanked everyone who has been involved in making this an outstanding time trial season — club riders, guests, marshals, time keepers and supporters.

The club runs will continue on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the remainder of the year.

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Sunday, September 26, 10 mile time trial.

Actual Times: Read 24:07, Poulter 27:35.

Performance Handicap Times: Read 22:07, Poulter 23:46.

Sunday, October 3, 10 mile time trial

Actual Times: Burgess (ER Velo) 21:30, Barber 24:03, Herrero 24:07, Browne (VCN) 25:29 pb, Rush 25:51, Nurse 26:14, Janes (VCN) 27:23, Gleeson (VCN) 27:31 pb, Hayward 27:51, Thorold 28:09, Griffiths 28:18.

Performance Handicap Times: Thorold 22:15, Hayward 22:33, Rush 22:37, Griffiths 23:05.