Triathlete Ben in fine time on debut

Despite the lovely spring sunshine encouraging the cyclists to get on their bikes, the winds have played havoc with the time trials, with strong cross-winds giving tough riding conditions in all of the recent time trials.

The wind was particularly bad on the Sunday time trial, when only six intrepid souls turned out to brave near gale-force gusty winds: given the conditions, the riders posted good times.

Well done to Ben Findlay, a triathlete riding his first time trial, who posted an excellent time.

The winds were still blowing when the North Norfolk Wheelers won the team trophy in the Breckland open 10 mile time trial for the second year running.

There were only 12 seconds between the first five riders in the time trial with North Norfolk Wheelers' Karl Read and Laurence Wright coming in overall second and fifth place, respectively.

Having five riders in such a prestigious race all posting good times and collectively beating all-comers shows the strength and talent of the North Norfolk Wheelers.

If you wish to try your hand at time trialing or to join the club on any of their club runs, full details can be found on the website,

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Sunday, May 22 10 mile time trial – Actual times: Bailey 24:01, Nurse 24:15, Platts 25:34, Findlay, B 25:34, Hayward 27:30. Handicap times: Platts 21:53, Nurse 21:53, Bailey 22:00, Hayward 22:02.

Tuesday, May 31 10 mile time trial – Actual times: Wright 23:15, Bailey 23:21, Nurse 23:40, Turner 24:11, Atkinson 24:46, Rivett 24:53, Poulter 25:15, Janes (cpb) 26:18, Griffiths 27:02, Vidler 27:22, Brown 27:26, Findlay, A 27:39, Thorold 27:55, Laws 29:02, Coley 29:18, Marsden 31:33.

CC Breckland open 10 mile time trial – NN Wheelers times: Read 22:19 (pb), Wright 22:26, Platts 23:20, Etheridge 25:29, Findlay 26:48.