Tough month for North Norfolk Wheelers

The weather continued to have a big impact on the North Norfolk Wheelers' time trials during August.

The 10-mile time trials at the beginning of the month were held in fine, warm conditions and the turnout and the results were very good. There were a number of personal bests – including Hyde, Hayward, Platts and Thorold.

Isla Rush – the club's junior female rider and an exceptional talent with prospects for a bright future in cycling – achieved a personal best with a tremendous ride of 26 mins 45 secs. Isla has just gained sponsorship to help her progress with her cycling.

The 25 mile time trial was held in awful conditions with rain and high winds making it tough for the riders. However, despite, the weather, there were some exceptional performances with Nurse, Walsh and Thorold all achieving personal bests.

Charlie Nurse won the Albert Lefevre Memorial Shield for best outright time, Nigel Walsh won the new club handicap trophy and Brian Platts won the veterans' handicap trophy.

Unfortunately, no other time trials, including the 18� mile hilly time trial, could be held in the August because of the high winds.

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August 7, 10 Mile Time Trial: Actual Times: Nurse 22:13, Hyde 22:53 PB, Dawson (S) 23:02, Hicks 24:01, Slater 24:31, Hurrell 24:42, Gillingwater 25:06, Farrow 25:22, Hayward 25:29 PB, Howell 25:31, Woodley H 25:32, Lubbock 25:45, Maynard 26:43, Rush I 26:45 PB, Brown 26:55, Baxter 27:16, Thorold 27:24, Findlay 27:30, Griffiths 27:50, Roper 27:57, Holland 28:24

Handicap Times: Rush I 19:21, Hayward & Hyde 20:40, Holland & Brown 21:16, Woodley H 21:19, Maynard 21:23, Nurse 21:24, Thorold 21:35, Hicks 21:46, Griffiths 22:02

August 14 – 10 Mile Time Trial: Actual Times: Nurse 21:44 PB, Wyer 22:53, Hurrell 23:29, O'Neill 23:35, Hicks 23:49, Platts 24:06 PB, Walsh 25:09, Poulter 25:19, Knowles 25:32, Thorold 26:28 PB, Griffiths 26:46, Vidler 27:13, Findlay 27:53, Laws 29:11

Handicap Times: Wyer 20:24, Platts 20:27, Thorold 20:39, Nurse 20:55, Griffiths 20:58, Walsh 21:08, Laws 21:30, Hicks 21:34, Poulter 21:44, Findlay 21:46, Knowles 22:49

August 21 – 25 Mile Time Trial: Actual Times: Nurse 56:37 PB, Bond 59:42, Wyer 1-00:30, Mccallum 1-00:46, O'Neill 1-01:22, Walsh 1-05:04 PB, Platts 1-05:26, Hayward 1-06:04, Woodley 1-06:12, Thorold 1-10:30, Wilson 1-11:35

Handicap Times (based on 55 minute finish time): Walsh 50:39, Rivett 52:12, Nurse 53:15, Platts 54:43

Age-related Handicap Times (amount under projected times): Platts 15:15, Walsh 9:51, Hayward 9:25, Thorold 7:15

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