Time trialists switch to road bikes

CYCLING: The North Norfolk Wheelers staged another 10 mile time trial on Sunday, April 3, but this time with a difference.

All the riders were on road bikes and not the highly specialised time trial bikes they normally use for time trials.

The lovely spring weather encouraged 14 trialists to rise early on Sunday morning to take to the roads.

The highest-placed club member, Laurence Wright, experienced some bad luck. He got held up at the roundabout and punctured coming back through Bodham. Fortunately, he uses tubular tyres so managed to complete the course, but at a slower time than he usually achieves.

The fastest time was by Andy Tyler and second was Geoff Frost who rode a full winter training bike with pump and mudguards, an unusual sight on a time trial.

Once again father and son Kim and Keiron Cole took part, with youth winning out over experience.

Next Sunday is the 18� mile hilly time trial, probably the toughest ride on the Wheelers' calendar.

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Results. Actual times: Tyler (CCB) 24.38; Frost (API) 24.48; Wright 25.08; Nurse 25.15; Cole Jnr (VCN) 26.09; Bailey 26.10; Hunt 26.52; Poulter 27.28; Spencer 27.53; Janes (VCN) 27.54; Cole Snr 28.15; Reynolds (CCB) 28.23; Thorold 29.11; Mayell 29.51.

Performance handicap times: Nurse 21:51; Mayell 22.55; Thorold = Hunt 23.17; Poulter 23.39; Wright 23.43; Bailey 23.50.