Ten-mile test for trialists

THE weather was, once again, warm, dry and windy when 16 time trialists met to test themselves on the Wheelers second course – the 10 miles from Thursford to Fakenham and back.

It was good to see three ladies participating in the time trial, and all acquitted themselves well with Catherine Essex leading them home in an excellent time of 24 minutes 35 seconds. The men were led in by Frances Glazebrook on 23: 16.

Luke Morgan continues to post excellent times in his first season of time trialing.

Next week will see the toughest time trial for the Wheelers: the 18.5 mile time trial around the hills – yes hills – of Sheringham and Weybourne.

Tuesday, June 10, 10-Mile Time Trial results

Actual times: Glazebrook 23:16, Turner 23:47, Nurse 24.00, Essex (f) KLCC 24:35, Rivett 24:37, Morgan 25:10, Rush 25:48, Janes VCN 26:14, Money and Whitcher (2-up) 26:26, Griffiths 27:01, Findlay 27:07, Thorold 27:16, Carter VCN 28:02, Coley (f) VCN 29:24, Marsden (f) VCN 31:09.