Relay time delights runners

For the fifth year Reepham Runners entered a team in the Round Norfolk Relay.

This year they took part in the open class which was a big task for such a small club. Many club members supported stages of the race along with their families and friends.

The Runners had a tough challenge of 27 hours 23 minutes to complete the course. The club was ecstatic to fifnish the race so close to the predicted time, coming in 12 minutes early.

Eight of the stages were completed in club records and one stage was completed with a Ladies Masters age category stage win. It was the first the club has achieved.

Team captain Paul Robinson had the unenviable task of awarding the Reepham Club RNR Award to the person he felt had achieved the most within the race. This was awarded to Jan King who had a fantastic run. Reepham finished a very commendable 45th out of 54 teams.

Stage runners were; Stage 1, 16.32 miles, Steve Plackett 2:09:00, Stage 2, 14.06 miles, Nick Bowden 1:55:42, Stage 3, 5.76 miles, John Woodhouse 47:02, Stage 4, 11.14 miles, Jude Durrant 1:29:00 (LM stage record), Stage 5, 10.81 miles, Greg Quinn 1:33:51, Stage 6, 7.9 miles, Chris Wage 1:13:51, Stage 7, 9.24 miles, Richard Cadman 1:17:09, Stage 8, 7.52 miles, Chris Edwards 54:53, Stage 9, 11.3 miles, Richard Moss-Jones 1:21:34, Stage 10, 20.06 miles, Paul Robinson 2:50:31, Stage 11, 14.6 miles, Ben McQuilin 1:51:04, Stage 12, 19.67 miles, Phil Cooper 2:47:44, Stage 13, 13.25 miles, Richard Bulman 1:50:57, Stage 14, 8.8 miles, Sue Wells 1:15:40, Stage 15, 7.2 miles, Sue King 1:27:59, Stage 16, 5.49 miles, Jan King 1:02:39, Stage 17, 11.73 miles, Jeremy Haslett 1:21:59. Time keepers were Jenni Egmore, Jean Edwards, Beryl Bulman and Jean Gowing.

Also competing elsewhere the same weekend were Jo and Mark Wicker who joined the biggest half marathon in the world, the Great North Run. They had a fantastic time in the rain and completed the race together in 2:31:00.

Most Read

This weekend two members went further afield to run in the Berlin Marathon. Jeremy Haslett a marathon veteran completed the course in 3:43:04 and Richard Bulman in 4:25:15. At least in this event Richard had a better chance as the last marathon he completed he ran with a broken arm.