World Cup conga a tradition dating back to 1998

The Black Swan pub. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

The Black Swan pub. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE - Credit: Archant

It does not happen that often - only when England do especially well at the World Cup.

But yesterday's 6-1 demolition of Panama was one such occasion.

Drinkers at the Black Swan in North Walsham left the pub at half-time, when England were 5-0 up, and started a conga to the nearby King's Arms Hotel in the town. They returned about 10 minutes later.

A spokesman for the Black Swan, who did not wish to be named, said it was a tradition going back about 20 years, which equals four World Cups.

She said: 'They did not do the conga for the first England match, which England won 2-1 against Tunisia. But this was such a special score they formed up in a conga, left our pub, and went over to the King's Arms. It's all about clearing the room quickly and then getting them back in, about 10 minutes later.'

A spokesman for the King's Arms said it could all get a 'bit rowdy'.

James Baxter was one of those taking part in the conga.

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He said the tradition had something to do with a sweatbox and confirmed that it had to be a 'special occasion'.'

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