Poulter leads way home

CYCLING: Two months in and the time trial season is gearing up for the North Norfolk Wheelers.

A 15-mile, a 25-mile and three 10-mile time trials in just 19 days is a real test of stamina for the riders – both men and bikes have to be in good order to cope with this schedule.

The 25-mile time trial saw Nick Poulter again produce a personal best – so far he is the one to watch for best all-rounder as he is riding well this season.

Bike problems saw Will Dorsett puncture and Luke Morgan's saddle post slip so they had to stop to make repairs, losing precious minutes.

Experienced 10-mile time trialers Tyler, Nurse, Morgan and Rivett took part in the 25-mile time trial for the first time and, no doubt, found it a very different experience.

For a full time trial programme and club run schedule visit the wheelers website and nnwheelers.co.uk

Ten-mile Time Trial (Thursday, May 12)

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Actual times: Clark 23:27, Nurse 24:45, Turner 25:19, Davison 25:44, Johnson (NCL ABC) 26:11, Rivett 26:30, Hayward 27:02, Needham 27:05, Griffiths 27:44, Carter (VC Norwich) 29:41, Laws 30:10. Two up: Steve and Isla Rush 30:29.

Performance handicap times: Nurse 21:23, Hayward 21:34, Clarke 21:44, Needham 22:09, Griffiths 22:26, Laws 22:27, Turner 22:42, Rivett 22:59, Davison 23:42

Twenty-five Mile Time Trial (Tuesday, May 17)

Actual times: Tyler (CC Breckland) 61:13, Dorsett 61:14, Bailey 61:57, Nurse 62:05, Turner 63:34, Poulter (pb) 65:00, Rivett 66:12, Morgan 70:02, Griffiths 71:19, Thorold 71:39, Brown 74:00.

Performance handicap times: Poulter 54:03, Turner 54:47, Thorold 55:52, Brown 56:40, Bailey 56:51, Griffiths 57:00, Dorsett 58:45.