Personal best times tumble in latest trial

North Norfolk Wheelers

CYCLING: The weather for the 18� mile hilly time trial was exactly what we have come to expect this year — warm and windy.

Only eight Wheelers and three guests took part in the time trial but what was lacking in quantity was certainly made up for in quality.

All the riders finished the course in less than 60 minutes — a very rare occurrence.

Half the Wheelers taking part achieved personal bests — Francis Glazebrook, Paul Bailey, Nick Poulter and Ian Brown — Paul Bailey could well have come home first if he did not have to take evasive action when nearly knocked off his bike by a careless motorist.

Luke Morgan put in a stonking 52:59 on his first ever hilly time trial. Well done everyone.

Don't forget full time trial and club run details are on www.

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Sunday, June 14 (18� mile hilly time trial). Actual times: Glazebrook (PB) 47:33, Nurse 49:46, Bailey (PB) 50:17, Jones (Iceni VC) 50:48, Bacon (Iceni VC) 51:32, Poulter (PB) 51:38, Morgan 52:59, Frisby (Iceni VC) 57:34, Thorold 58:10, Brown (PB) 58:25, Griffiths 59:19.

Handicap times: Glazebrook 42:53, Poulter 43:40, Bailey 43:43, Brown 44:03, Thororld 45:11, Nurse 45:16, Griffiths 46:06

Tuesday, May 31 (10 mile TT handicap times): Nurse 21:18, Laws 21:19, Bailey 21:20, Rivett 21:22, Poulter 21:26, Turner 21:34, Brown 21:42, Griffiths 21:44, Findlay 21:45, Wright 21:50, Thorold 22:03.

Sunday, June 5 (10 mile TT handicap times): Bailey 21:09, Findlay 22:24, Griffiths 22:37.

Tuesday, June 7 (10 mile TT handicap times): Glazebrook 20:38, Rivett 21:06, Morgan 21:07, Turner 21:10, A Findlay 21:13, Nurse 21:18, Thorold 21:24, Griffiths 21:43, Essex 21:44, Rush 22:17.

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