Notable milestone for the seniors at Royal Cromer Golf Club

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golf pic - Credit: Archant

Competitive golf for seniors is a popular attraction at most Norfolk clubs these days - but at Royal Cromer it has been a staple diet for the more mature player for well over 30 years.

The club's senior section was formed a long ago as May 16, 1983 and a notable milestone was reached recent when they took part in their 1,000 match.

The weather wasn't kind as Royal Cromer, while visitors King's Lynn came away with the win, but it was still a memorable occasion, with players sitting down for an anniversary lunch after the match.

Royal Cromer Seniors now play around 40 matches a year, compared with less than 10 in the early days, and chose King's Lynn for their 1,000th match as they are the most regular opponents, with 65 matches between the two clubs being played over the years.

An impressive total of 48 players took part in the latest encounter, with King's Lynn winning 9½-2½.

Details: Chris Sullivan & Alan Brewer halved with David Lawman & Ishak Ismail, David Falconer & Brian Nicholson won 4 & 3 against Kwai LI & Eddie Coleman, Mervyn Sutton & Paul Lesslie lost 3 & 1 against lost 3 & 1 against Blair Rule & Tony Burt, Ken Warden & Chris Gething lost 1 down against Andy Garrick & Malcolm Ashby, Ken Besleyt & Fred May lost 3 & 2 against Malcolm Lawler & Mike Vanderloo, Gordon Brown & Graham Kinch lost 4 & 2 against Paul Allen & Terry Harris, Alan Shannon & Roy Turton won 6 & 5 against Des Mallows & Ray Mathews, John Salisbury & Mike Course lost 2 & 1 against Howard Maylard & Paul Arnold, Stan Blackman & Gren Abel lost 4 & 3 against Ian McAllister & Alan Jones, Mick Allen & Alan Drew lost 2 & 1 against Richard High & Richard Kerhham, Nick Wade & Keith Maley lost 3 & 2 against Paul Lane & Brian Steward, Tony Cook & Mick Kenmore lost 3 & 1 against David Taylor & Arthur Vanderloo.

The Royal Cromer teams for the first matches against King's Lynn in 1983 were Jack Roye & Bob Eaton, Maurice Birkbeck & George Stirland, Frank Mann & Bill Larkins and John Steven & Harold Brown (at home) and Jack Roye & John Steven, Noel Ranns & Bob Eaton, Roy Karasek & George Stirland, and Len Summers & Richard Jones (away).

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