More success for Cromer fighters

Five Cromer fighters emerged unbeaten after an evening of spectacular action at The Talk in Norwich.

On Saturday March 10, following an eight-week training camp, Jack Mezzetti, Ollie Denton, Brett Stanforth, Steven Palmer and Jurij Krivenko from FFMA gym on Louden Road put their MMA and K1 skills to the test during a fight night.

It was a big step up for the five, who were all set to face opponents with more experience than themselves.

First up was Stanforth, who started the night with a great fight that swung in momentum throughout. The final result was a draw.

Next was Mezzetti, showing total composure and skill to finish his opponent in 89 seconds with a keylock (arm lock).

Palmer, after being on the wrong end of some decisions in previous fights, decided not to leave it in the judges' hands. Dominating from the start he tapped his opponent at three mins six secs with a forearm choke.

Denton kept the submission wins coming. Using his trademark take down he secured top position then sunk in a tight arm bar at four mins 19 secs.

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Krivenko was to be the last FFMA fighter, defending his K1 belt for the 3rd time. However, his opponent failed to pass the medical and Krivenko won by default.

Senior coach John Mezzetti said: 'These guys never fail to impress me. They take challenges, which should be beyond their reach, in their stride. Their skills improve with every fight, but they are all still humble and level headed guys, who understand that hard work and discipline achieves results.

'It's an honour to train with them. I would also like to thank Barry Jones for his help in cornering and fight prep, Terry West for his judo coaching and Ian Goldie for his Muay Thai pad sessions.'