Mixed luck for Crosscourts in cup competitions


- Credit: Eastern Counties Newspapers

In the second round of the Star Paving Services North Norfolk League Handicap Doubles Cup Crosscourts' Derek Sidaway, John Welsh and Rod Goffin hosted NWSCD's Andrew Tuddenham, Stuart Hook and Philip Stone.

A significant turning point came as Sidaway and Welsh were a point away from giving the hosts a 3-0 lead only for Tuddenham and Stone to take the golden point to win 51-50.

Welsh and Goffin took the next battle but two 51-48 wins saw NWSCD draw level at 3-3. Welsh and Goffin beat Tuddenham and Stone 51-41 to move Crosscourts 4-3 ahead. The eighth battle saw Sidaway and Welsh win five points from 42-47 to draw level, but Tuddenham and Hook won the next four to set up NWSCD's second decisive match in this years competition.

Stone and Hook (27) beat Sidaway and Welsh (31) 51-42 to seal NWSCD's 5-4 win and the team will host Gresham's School A in the quarter-finals.

Crosscourts were also in action in the Handicap Singles Cup with all second round matches completed – Keith Beswick took the place of Sidaway and a Goffin maximum helped the team to a 7-2 win away to LCC Lobsters.

The Handicap Singles action included a Mundesley derby as the A's Peter Betts (20), Paul Price (10) and Tom Atherton (29) hosted the B's Thomas Rooke (37), Paul Gotts (35) and Connor Gotts (45) with Atherton beating Paul Gotts 51-50. Connor Gotts took a maximum and Rooke a single for Mundesley B with a 51-48 win against Atherton that set up a decisive ninth battle between Betts and Paul Gotts. Betts edged through 51-49 to seal Mundesley A's 5-4 win.

A two man Sharks duo of Steve Patterson (5) and Matt Hudson (22) hosted Aylsham Conquerors' Roger Crouch (40), Steve Hollingworth (36) and Ken Seaman (40) in a dramatic contest. Patterson opened with a 51-50 victory against Crouch while Seaman beat Hudson 51-39. The Shark beat Crouch 51-47 while Patterson won both his other singles 51-46. With the visitors benefiting from the three walkovers, Hudson (5) met Seaman (40) in a deciding encounter. Seaman held seven tie points (including the golden one) at 50-44, but Hudson made a stunning comeback to win 51-50 and edge Sharks through with a 5-4 win.

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