Cyclists climb Bard Hill as weather relents

As the competitors made their way to Bard Hill, Salthouse, for the North Norfolk Wheelers' climb a ferocious thunder storm blew up, obliterating a sunny sky. A hard wind raged and the rain hammered down and it looked as if the climb would be cancelled but the storm blew itself out and the surface water cleared.

The climb got under way 15 minutes behind schedule, much to the relief of the Strada Sport Team who had come over from Long Stratton to participate.

Strada's young rider, Tommy Power, punctured on his way down to the start of the climb but was not fazed. Having got a new wheel from the team car he went on the break the course record by fourth tenths of a second. North Norfolk Wheeler Shane Hyde took the Mike Kemp Memorial Trophy, adding a new name to the list of winners.

Bard Hill Climb – Mike Kemp Memorial Trophy: Actual times: Power (Course Record) (Strada Sport Club) (J) 1:43, Gillingwater (Strada Sport Club) 1:49, Hyde 1:52, Howell (Strada Sport (J) 1:54, Nurse 2:02, Baxter (J) 2:05, Thorold 2:16, Maynard 2:28. Handicap: Hyde 1:52, Nurse 2:035, Thorold 2:045, Baxter 2:145, Maynard 2:555