Cyclists are tempted by fine weather

The fine spring weather continues to encourage the riders out on their bikes. Twenty-one people met to complete the latest North Norfolk Wheelers time trial.

Again there were outstanding performances with personal bests from Glazebrooke, Nurse, Poulter, Coley, Savage and Neild and course personal bests from Clarke, Platts and Vidler.

Nurse and Poulter are strongly contesting this year's competition for the best 10-mile time trialist. Ray Turner is returning to form, finishing first in the handicap times.

It was good to see Isla Rush continuing to compete in the 10 mile time trials, having just finished second in her age category in the Ixworth Criterion. Dad, Steve, rode along with her as part of his training regime for his upcoming marathon. Unusually, Laurence Wright finished down the field having punctured his tyre and damaging his shoe before the time trial started.

Actual times: Read 22:40, Clarke cpb 22:57, Glazebrooke pb 23:22, Nurse pb 23:22, Turner 23:37, Wright 23:41, Hunt 24:07, Poulter pb 24:36, Platts cpb 24:41, Rivett 25:06, Thorold 26:56, Vidler cpb 26:59, Griffiths 27:30, Findlay 27:54, Mayell 28:20, Laws 28:37, Coley (f) pb 29:04, Savage pb 29:41, Baxter 29:44, Neild pb 31:20, Rush 31:43.

Performance handicap times: Turner 20:08, Nurse 20:40, Glazebrook 20:44, Poulter 20:46, Platts 20:53, Hunt 20:55, Thorold 21:02, Read 21:05, Mayell 21:24, RIvett 21:35, Findlay 22:00, Griffiths 22:12, Wright 22:16, Rush 28:12.