Tennis club starts fresh membership drive for 2022

Kelvin van Hasselt, chairman of Cromer Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, said all-female groups would enc

Kelvin van Hasselt, chairman of Cromer Lawn Tennis and Squash Club. - Credit: Archant

Getting more young women and girls to pick up a racquet is a key new year's resolution for Cromer Tennis Club, which has just launched a fresh membership drive. 

Kelvin van Hasselt, club chairman, said they were exploring the idea of girls' only coaching groups, as "as tennis for girls is often more of a social activity playing with their friends".

Mr van Hasselt said he hoped discount offers on membership, and the success of US Open champ Emma Raducanu, would lead to a rise in female members.  

People are once again enjoying the outdoor tennis courts at Cromer Tennis and Squash Club. Picture:

Cromer Tennis and Squash Club. Picture: Supplied by Kelvin van Hasselt - Credit: Supplied by Kelvin van Hasselt

He said: "The club’s big problem at the moment is a lack of female players – especially female players in the 18 – 30 age group; although it is delighted to have attracted Eleanor Tomkinson, a top Norfolk Under 14 player, who will form the nucleus of 2022 Ladies B Team."

The club is offering the next four months of membership for £77.50, while the rate is £37.50 for those out of Norfolk and £25 for people aged 18 to 30. There are also discounts for Under 18s. 

Mr van Hasselt added: "It’s all a bid to get more adults in the club.

"We’ve got loads going in at the club over the winter months with mix-in groups, group coaching  and team training at all levels and of course we’re all about outdoor sport - tennis.

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“We’ve made it no-brainer to become a junior member  - and we hope to see a number of new faces joining the club this January and enrolling in the 12-week Junior Coaching Programme."

Mr van Hasselt said girls' only coaching groups ha been run successfully at Cringleford Tennis Club, and they were considering doing the same thing. 

He added: "This year the club plans to field junior teams for Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 to play other clubs and local schools, not only in tennis but also in squash – and in 2022 is looking to see some solid success with the girls teams.  It is hoped team success will also bring more girls playing tennis at the club."