Catherine shines in North Norfolk Wheelers time trial

The weather continues to play havoc with the time trials – as it does with so much else at the moment – but there was a good turnout of 17 riders for North Norfolk Wheelers' 10 mile trial, with three ladies taking part. Catherine Essex put in the best time on handicap.

The turnout for the 25 mile time trial was disappointing with only five riders but there were some excellent results. Maynard improved by four minutes 41 seconds on his fist ride in mid-May and Rivett knocked time of his handicap to come in second overall. Isla Rush, the club's youngest rider, posted a good time for her first 25 mile time trial on this course

Tuesday, July 3, 10 Mile Time Trial: Actual Times: Nurse 22:29, Hyde 23:26, Essex (f) 24:31, Platts 24:54, Browne 25:07, Woodley, H 25:35, Doe 26:43, Janes 26:48, Brand (f) 26:49, Maynard 27:19, Woodley, G 27:32, Nell (f) 27:36, Thorold 27:38, Findlay 27:59, Griffitsh 28:18, Carter 28:51, Neild 32:56. Handicap Times: Essex (f) 20:56, Hyde 21:07, Platts 21:15, Maynard 21:31, Nurse 21:40, Thorold 21:49, Findlay 21:52, Griffiths 22:30, Neild 22:45

Thursday, July 5, 25 Mile Time Trial: Actual Times: Nurse 58:33, Rivett 64:18, Platts 67:33, Maynard 69:54, Rush, I (fj) 79:19. Handicap Times on 55m: Rivett 52:15, Nurse 55:08, Platts 56:50.