Around the table tennis tables ...

In the Star Paving Services North Norfolk Table Tennis League, the action in the first division continued with two matches featuring teams from Hunworth against teams from the North Walsham Club.

The Sports Centre saw Cobras' Adam Brown, James Baldock-Yaxley and Alex Spragg host Outlaws' Jamie Craig, Colin Humphries and Andy Tuddenham.

It was a good effort from Baldock-Yaxley who was playing in his first match in around six weeks after illness and after going down in four to Humphries he took a brace — impressive against Craig in straight and winning a topsy-turvy five-setter against Tuddenham.

Tuddenham nearly took a single against Spragg – he had four match points at 10-6 in the fourth, but the Cobra rattled off the last six points to claim the win and also took the doubles with Brown in four against Humphries and Tuddenham.

However the Outlaws were pretty much in control during the rest of their 6-4 win with Humphries completing his maximum 16-14 in the third against Brown.

And talking of being in control, Delta's John Vaughan, Jack Morton and Andy Beane certainly were during their 10-0 whitewash of Pirates this week. David Thompson took a set from each Delta for the hosts.

If you can't control a match like the Deltas, you could always resort to plan B and get as many net- cords and edges as you can!

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At times that was the case during the Beta v Crosscourts match (Philip Stone, David Beane joined by Paul Price playing up for Beta with Chris Johnson joining in for the doubles and John Welsh, Alf Greer and Eric Dolden representing the visitors) with the entire evening riddled with moments of evil sheer-fluke genius.

Stone defeated Welsh in four, but of the 41 points won by the Beta, 12 (more than a set's worth) were thanks to net-cords in his favour! Dolden got some revenge for his team-mate by hitting Stone off the table, but the Crosscourter gifted Price victory from the jaws of defeat after squandering a 10-4 lead in the fifth set of their battle as Price won 12-10.

The Echo-turned-Beta for the night went on to defeat Greer in four and nearly completed his maximum against Welsh.

The Crosscourter saved three set-points from 7-10 down in the second, taking the next five points to level. Price took the lead again but ran out of steam, a 5-1 lead in the fourth enough for Welsh to rejoin the match, and a 5-0 start to the fifth seemed sure to be enough.

However, Price found a second wind and levelled at 8-8, but ultimately Welsh took his third chance to take the decider 12-10.

Beane took a maximum including in the doubles to help Beta to an 8-2 win, although again he put his supporters through the torture trip. Welsh appeared much the more consistent for most part of their five-set tussle.

Elsewhere, in the second division, Seals' Ray Amo, Matt Hudson and Chris Marshall won their derby with Barracudas 9-1. The first and last games of the night went the distance, Amo winning the opener against Mike Toye 11-13, 11-13, 11-9, 13-11, 12-10 and later winning the doubles with Marshall against Toye and Rex Parfitt. It was Toye who took the point for Barracudas in four against Marshall with Derek Philpott also picking up a set from the Seal.

Hudson, and his new bat, impressed during the evening with decisive spin and good returning. Finally, the visiting Echoes team put up a brave fight, but Poacher's Alan Rutledge, Andy Woods and Barry Evans won their match this week 10-0.

Players of the week: Colin Humphries, James Baldock-Yaxley, Jack Morton, Matt Hudson, Andy Woods and Paul Price.