Cromer’s Logan Smith has won his third Run Norwich after an exciting sprint to the finish line. 

It makes a hat-trick for Smith, 25, who also placed first in the 10km race in 2022 and 2019. 

Smith described the victory as “something he would never forget” after a duel with Norman Shreeve of the Cambridge and Coleridge Athletic Club.

Smith said: “The win was fantastic. I knew the threat that Norman posed going into the race. 

“He was going to be my main competitor at the front of the race alongside my clubmate Luke Alden.

“This was always going to make it a good battle but a battle I didn't want to lose so I made sure I was always there at the front to try either control the race or to cover any moves he made if he tried to break away. 

“It was quite windy so there was a lot of sitting in behind each other trying to shelter from the wind.”

The race leaders were side-by-side as they turned up Theatre Street in the final moments of Sunday’s race. 

Smith said: “I tried to go round him and break away but he was sticking to me and knew it was going to then be down to a sprint finish so I just had to try make sure mine was better than his.

“Luckily we've worked on having a good finish in training this season and on Sunday it paid off."

Smith crossed the finish line in front of Norwich’s City Hall in 31 minutes and 30 seconds, just a split second before Shreeve. Smith averaged each kilometre in 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

Smith is the general manager of the Gangway micropub and cafe in Cromer’s Church Street.