Homes evacuated after Second World War bomb destroyed on Norfolk beach

Unexploded device at Walcott beach, Norfolk

Emergency services and a bomb disposal unit investigate reports of an unexploded bomb on a Norfolk beach - Credit: Julie Walker

A bomb disposal team was called to conduct a controlled explosion after a Second World War bomb was found on a Norfolk beach.

An Explosive Ordnance Team (EOD) from Colchester were called to the scene at Walcott Beach on Monday, April 4, after reports of an "unexploded device".

Nearby homes were evacuated and a 100m cordon was put in place in the area.

Bacton Coastguard station officer, Pete Revell, said a member of the public had discovered the explosive following a low tide.

He said: "We were alerted by a member of the public after the tide revealed the mortar shell.

"We called EOD and they performed a controlled explosion.

"Homes had been evacuated and we had a safety cordon in place but everything is back to normal now."

Pete Revell, from Mundesley.

Pete Revell, Bacton Coastguard station officer - Credit: Supplied by Pete Revell

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Mr Revell also urged people to contact the Coastguard if they discover anything "suspicious" on the beach.

He added: "It's important people call 999 and ask for us because we're trained to identify what's what."

The beach was closed between Archibald Road and Ostend.

Police were called at 2.25pm to the incident at Walcott.

Unexploded device reported on beach in Walcott, north Norfolk

A bomb disposal unit and emergency services are currently investigating reports of an unexploded device at a beach in Walcott, north Norfolk - Credit: Julie Walker

A Norfolk police spokeswoman said: "We were called following a report of an unexploded device at Walcott this afternoon, at the beach near to Ostend Gap.

"The coastguard are also in attendance, a cordon is in place and the bomb disposal team have arrived on scene."

The scene has now been made safe.

Unexploded device found at Norfolk beach

A bomb disposal team is investigating reports of an unexploded device at the beach between Walcott and Ostend - Credit: Julie Walker