Animal rescue group needs to double volunteer team to meet demand

Kat Tate has been taking her kookaburra Siren along on her daily lockdown walk. Picture: Supplied by

Kat Tate from Wild Touch animal rescue, based at Ridlington, which has called for more volunteers to join its team. - Credit: Supplied by Kat Tate

A group which rescues animals needs to double its team of volunteers in order to keep up with demand. 

Jessica Walch, from Ridlington-based Wild Touch, said they were hoping at least 10 volunteers would join the 10 who already work with the service. 

She said Wild Touch, which also houses some animals permanently, had a high number of call outs.

Ms Walch said: "The number of wildlife casualties taken so far this year are over 700 already and we are only part way through our busiest period of the year.

"We recently had a new-born roe who was found next to her deceased mother. Unfortunately she has shown problems with her hips and legs and as a result is unreleasable.

Birds rescued by Wild Touch.

Birds rescued by Wild Touch. - Credit: Supplied by Wild Touch

"She will live here on site as she has grown very attached to our resident German shepherd dog, Tess.

"She’s a big hit with our current volunteers who all get to bottle feed her. We have had an array of nestling and fledgling birds in from the tiny blue tits, to leggy moorhens and baby mammals from leverets to shrews, all needing round-the-clock care."

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Ms Walch said birds needed feeding as much as every 20 minutes from dawn to dusk, and baby shrews and mice needing hourly feeds, day and night.

She said: "Along with all our permanent residents such as foxes, reptiles, ravens, owls and hawks, we are constantly on the go and rarely get much rest.

"More volunteers would help spread the load and give more animals a second chance at life."

Ms Walch said training would be provided, and there were also supervisor roles available. 

Young birds rescued by Wild Touch.

Young birds rescued by Wild Touch. - Credit: Supplied by Wild Touch

She said: "Unfortunately, we can only take over 18s until we have enough staff to take on younger volunteers.

"We would also welcome anybody who would like to do gardening and is happy to help with building work as the site is still under construction."

Ms Walch said the pandemic was part of the reason there was currently such a shortfall of volunteers. 

She said: "We currently only have about 10 staff members after Covid regulations forced us to minimise the amount of people we had on site.

"We are looking for at least 10 more volunteers that are able to commit to set days."

Anybody interested in volunteering can call 07765 345441, or visit Wild Touch's Facebook page to find out more.