‘Why should we trust our MPs over Europe?’

Peers in the House of Lords, London.Photo: PA

Peers in the House of Lords, London.Photo: PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Why should we trust our MPs?

What is the reason for us to have strong enough faith in the opinions of politicians to allow them to lead us out of the customs union, single market and the EU?

Set against the backdrop of poor growth, problems with the Irish border and its risks to peace and a host of what Guy Verhofstadt calls the 'unfortunate consequences' of the UK's decision to leave, the feeble claims of Brexiteers look more and more like an attempted power grab for themselves at the expense of the general public.

Given the record of Westminster, I would rather continue to have the moderating effect on Parliament of membership of the EU than the speculative wild extremes that our own leaders and representatives have in mind.


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