When MP Norman met Tinchy Stryder...

A quick photo with the Prince of Grime, nipping out to a UEA gig, followed by an interview with Newsnight - not your average evening routine for an MP.

A quick photo with the Prince of Grime, nipping out to a UEA gig, followed by an interview with Newsnight - not your average evening routine for an MP.

But when your son manages a rapper who racked up 1.4m record sales last year, urban music will inevitably start jostling for attention alongside Commons debates and constituency surgeries.

Now north Norfolk MP Norman Lamb's younger child is set to follow in his big brother's footsteps promoting a high-profile gig in Norwich this month.

As he stood in his kitchen waiting for Tinchy Stryder to pop in ahead of a UEA gig on Friday, Mr Lamb admitted his link with the urban music scene amused his fellow MPs.

His 21-year-old son Archie set up Takeover Entertainment with school friend Jack Foster after leaving school and has since signed a number of upcoming artists as well as 22-year-old Tinchy.

But the Lib Dem health spokesman said the unusual family association had proved helpful building relationships with the opposition.

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'The secretary of state for health saw an article about it recently and said to me 'it's a wonderful story',' he said. 'It really breaks barriers down with other parties.'

The MP's pride in Archie's success, which includes Tinchy's clothing range Star in the Hood, is clear from looking at his kitchen walls.

In place of photos of influential statesmen hang gold discs celebrating the rapper's music sales and a signed t-shirt bearing the message: 'Norman and Mary, keep it flee, Tinchy Stryder.'

Now younger son Ned, 18, is hoping to echo that success with friend and business partner Myles Gilligan.

The two have already run several student parties but are hoping their big break will come this month promoting a Norwich visit by Archie's newest signing Giggs.

'We picked him before he long-listed for the BBC Sound of 2010, which last year included Little Boots and Lady Gaga, so it shows we have an eye for talent,' said Ned.

The former Notre Dame School pupil said he was not jumping on his brother's bandwagon but had found him a helpful contact as he worked to establish himself.

'I've had a lot of influence from Archie. I've learnt a lot from him over the last couple of years.'

The siblings are trying their best to use their love of music to influence their dad's taste, regularly buying him CDs to listen to as he travels through his constituency.

Mr Lamb said: 'I have to wind up the windows of the car as I drive into North Walsham.'

And the MP has already become a big fan of some unexpected artists including Jay Z, whose latest album he 'loves'.

Ned described his dad as 'surprisingly tolerant' when it came to listening to different types of music but admitted he had occasionally taken exception to some more 'challenging' songs.

Giggs and Devlin are at the Waterfront on Thursday, February 25. Tickets, �8 in advance or �10 on the door, from www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk or Soundclash record shop, St Benedicts Street, Norwich.

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