What to see in the sky in February: Snow Moon and Space Station

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Here is what you will be able to see in the sky in February. - Credit: PA Media

From the International Space Station to the Snow Moon - here are some things to look out for in the sky in February. 

The Wolf Moon over Wymondham, Norfolk, in January 2022

The Wolf Moon over Wymondham, Norfolk, in January 2022 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The Moon

Phases for January are as follows:

  • New moon - February 1
  • First quarter - February 8
  • Snow Moon - February 16
    • This moon gets its name from the typical snowfall in North America at this time of year. Other common names are the Storm Moon and the Hunger Moon.
  • Last quarter - February 23

The Planets and Stars

There will be lots of conjunctions this month, when planets appear close to each other in the sky.

The moon will have a conjunction with Jupiter (February 2), then Mars and Venus (February 27) and then with Saturn and Mercury (February 28).

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Venus will pass Saturn closely (February 6) and Jupiter (February 11). Mars will pass this duo closely (February 13), forming a circle.

Venus and Mars will have a conjunction (February 13) and Venus will be brighter than Mars. The two will appear in Sagittarius to the southeast.

There will also be a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto (February 12) and Saturn will be a solar conjunction (February 4).

On February 16, Mercury will be easily visible in the morning, low above the eastern sunrise. The planet will be brighter late in the month but will become harder to see as it gets closer to the sun.

Uranus will be visible while low in the sky to the southwest, north of the moon, the planet will have a green hue.

Mars and Jupiter will be hard to see throughout the month due to their position on the southeast horizon.

Undated handout photo issued by Nasa of the International Space Station. As humanity marks the 20th

An image of the International Space Station from Nasa. - Credit: PA

The International Space Station

The space station will be visible above the UK from February 1 to 4.

On February 1, it will be visible for four minutes moving from the west to the south.

The station will be visible for six minutes moving from the west to the southeast on February 2.

You will be able to see it for four minutes moving from the west-southwest to the south on February 3.

And on February 4, the station will be visible for five minutes moving from the west to the south-southeast.