What happened to the Aldborough Fair this year?

Aldborough fair in busier times - in the 1960s.

Aldborough fair in busier times - in the 1960s.

It dates back to King John's time - but this year the Aldborough fair in north Norfolk was a 'no' show.

One woman complained: 'It's the first time there has not been a fair. I could not believe it was not on. I've been going since I was a girl.'

Traditionally held on the longest days of the year, its story stretches back almost 800 years to the 13th century.

By the 18th century the event was a major meeting place for the gentry, although it became an ordinary fair for country folk as the years passed, and visitor numbers have dwindled.

Jonathan Gray, who runs Gray Brothers fun-fairs, which has run the event for countless years, said: 'Sadly, this year it clashed with the Let's Rock event in Earlham. But we want to come back next year.'

Parish council chairman Martin Elliott said: 'I understand the Black Boys pub had ordered in extra beer for it. There is a desire in the village to continue holding the fair.'