Dog and group cut off by tide saved after being spotted waist-high in water

The lifeboat sped out to sea in Wells to rescue a group and a dog

The lifeboat sped out to sea in Wells to rescue a group and a dog - Credit: Kerry Doyle/RNLI

A large group and a dog who were walking along a beach had to be rescued in north Norfolk after being cut off by the rising tide.

The party were on the west side of Wells beach when they became stranded at 3pm on May 14.

Onlookers, who could see the group were already up to their knees in water, made several calls to the coastguard who tasked Wells RNLI to launch.

The lifeboat arrived on scene at 3.23pm and realised the crew would have to take two trips to ferry the party to shore.

By the time the second group was being rescued, the party were up to their waists in water and the tide was coming in at speed.

The lifeboat safely returned all casualties to shore and returned to the station at 3.45pm.

Lifeboat operations manager, Chris Hardy, said: "I am pleased today’s rescue ended well but unfortunately this type of incident happens all too often.

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"It is essential that walkers check the tide times before they set out so that they don’t find themselves cut off by the tide.

"People enjoying a walk along the beach when the tide is out should always ensure they are back on soft, dry sand at least 4 hours before high tide to avoid being cut off."

If you see someone in the sea who you think is in trouble, please alert the Coastguard on 999 or 112, who will alert nearby lifeboat crews.