More thunderstorms are on the way for Norfolk today, with up to 5cm of rain possible in a short period of time this afternoon.

The Met Office has issued a fresh weather warning covering the majority of Norfolk, starting from 11am and running through to 10pm.

Heavy rain is set to start in late morning in some areas, with the thunderstorms expected to roll in from mid afternoon.

The Met Office says there is a 70pc chance of thunderstorms from 4pm through to 8pm as Storm Evert makes its way across the country to parts of the east of England.

The weather warning covers western, northern and central parts of Norfolk, including Norwich, while some areas may avoid the thunder.

But there is a separate warning in place for much of Suffolk and parts of Norfolk's east coast for wind, with gusts of up to 50mph in some coastal areas.

Storm Evert was named by the Met Office and has battered parts of the south west in the past 24 hours.

An amber warning was in place across Cornwall as 75mph winds brought down trees and caused Falmouth Coastguard to attend to 22 incidents at sea overnight.

The Met Office's principal operational meteorologist Dan Suri said: "Storm Evert will move eastwards across southern UK during Friday daytime, clearing into the North Sea during Friday evening.

"As well as the high winds, there will also be some heavy rain before it leaves our shores, with up to 40mm possible over parts of Wales and the southwest and the potential for 40 or 50mm rain in a short period of time from heavy, possibly thundery, showers over parts of eastern and central England on Friday afternoon."