Norfolk is expected to face unbearable "extreme" heat next week.

For the first time, the Met Office has issued a red weather warning for extreme heat and a level four national emergency has been declared by the UK Health and Security Agency.

But how hot will it be this weekend?

People looking to enjoy the great outdoors and catch some sun are in luck as temperatures will be much more pleasant on Saturday and Sunday.

But a Met Office amber weather warning for extreme heat is in place for Norfolk on Sunday.

Weatherquest meteorologist Dan Holley said: "There will be lots of dry, sunny weather this weekend although we may also see some hazy cloud coverage.

"The hottest temperatures will be in west Norfolk in places like Hunstanton, with highs of 26C.

"The eastern coastal regions like Great Yarmouth and Cromer will feel cooler, around 20C, due to a south-easterly breeze.

"Sunday will see temperatures nudge up by a few degrees and will be closer to 31C depending on the amount of cloud coverage.

"Like Saturday, eastern coastal areas will feel cooler whereas west Norfolk could reach temperatures as high as inland."

This weekend could be the best opportunity to enjoy the sun as next week temperatures are set to reach "dangerous extremes".

A national emergency has been declared as temperatures are predicted to soar to an eyewatering 40C across Monday, July 18, and Tuesday, July 19.