We’re all doomed I tells ya - doomed! Facebook reacts to Cromer hotel plans

A Travelodge could be built on the site of Cadogan Road car park in Cromer. Picture: Ben Phillips/Go

A Travelodge could be built on the site of Cadogan Road car park in Cromer. Picture: Ben Phillips/Google Streetview - Credit: : Ben Phillips/Google Streetview

Some of the responses are hilarious, but not everyone is laughing.

Car parking in Cromer is difficult at the best of times.

So when the district council reveals it is driving ahead with plans to hand over much sought after spaces to a hotel developer in a bid to help balance the books, fed-up motorists were obviously going to be queuing up to complain.

North Norfolk District Council is set to give the green light to plans to build on Cadogan Road car park at its Cabinet meeting next month.

The recommendation paves the way for budget hotel chain Travelodge to move in after a long search for a suitable site in the town.

The district council admitted it would have to find alternative parking for coaches, which bring thousands of tourists to the seaside town each year, if councillors don't put the brakes on the proposals.

But some readers warned the plans are enough to drive them away...

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Commenting on the story on Facebook, Jon Faz Farrow said: 'Who thought this idea up - let's use the biggest car park in the town to build hotel so a town that is short of parking has even less parking? What a fantastic idea! The brain boggles.'

Lenny Hartnell said: 'Surely there's plenty of other sites they can use such as empty buildings rather than building on a much needed car park?'

Richard Waugh said: 'What an utter disaster this will be. All the coaches park here so where do they go? Can't go onto cliff-top (Runton Road car park) due to height restrictions, there's no room at the Meadows and then there's no other car parks at all. On top of tha, lots of cars park there especially those shopping in QD - plus where are hotel guests going to park?

'Typical NNDC not thinking things through just after the one off cash grab.'

Adrian Scott said: 'Another council getting money rather convenience for the public. There is not enough car park space.'

Justine Dearden said: 'Will have to park at Gunton station and get the train into Cromer.'

Brenda Bizzell said: 'So, let's get this right: Attract loads of holidaymakers to Cromer, but close the car parks so they all have to go away again?'

Keren Moulton said: 'Can't believe they're using a car park, there isn't enough parking in the summer, as it is!'

Caron Mayes said: 'Even if Cromer did have sufficient parking, I am astonished this has even been considered! It's not in keeping with the character of the town and very bad news for existing hotels and B&Bs.'

Ricky Tommy Ossitt said: 'We're all doomned I tells ya - doomed!'

Ian Barratt said: 'Madness! Why take away a perfect busy car park? Surely the derelict pub/nightclub near the train station would make more sense!'

Jason Baxter said: 'The car park adjacent to Cromer Motors on the seafront would be the best place. It would then be able to incorporate its own car park into the plans, have visual appeal as a seafront hotel, and be more accessible than trying to dodge the Morrison's traffic or the parking up Cadogan Road. Besides, I know Travelodge is hardly The Savoy, but room with a view would be seeing QD! Come on, have some common sense!'

But not everyone was totally against the idea.

Helen English said: 'For me, personally, I would love a Travelodge in Cromer. We have tried to find an affordable family room for the four of us in Cromer when we just want to come up for one or two nights, like for the New year fireworks. We always have to stay outside of Cromer, this New Year we found somewhere in Mundesley - but how can they get rid of that huge car park?!

'There isn't enough parking in beautiful Cromer anyway and this car park is always full, we always park in there ourselves. I am up for the Travelodge but surely not at the expense of parking and not stuck in the middle of town. I thought they were originally looking at up near Lidl.'

Nicole Bywater said: 'I think a Travelodge would be good for Cromer but not sure the car park is the right site for it, considering there is already a problem with parking in Cromer during the high season.'

Denise Morgan said: 'I don't live far from Cromer but this will be very handy for carnival nights etc.'

Phil Carter said: 'Good news for tourists really as cheaper option for staying in Cromer so will have more money coming into town.'

The council's Cabinet is set to discuss the proposals at its next meeting - which is open to the public - at council HQ in Cromer on Monday, February 6.

James Simmons said: 'Silly councillors. What about the coaches that ferry tourists to our town. Let alone general parking. It just seems to me that whatever intelligence these councillors have they seem to lack any commonsense.

Helen Crisp said: 'There are plenty of other sites Travelodge could buy. North Norfolk District Council has now proved, beyond any shadow of doubt, that they care little of Cromer or its visitors.'

Lenny Hartnell said: 'I don't think NNDC care for any of their jurisdiction, they are out for themselves.'

Gavin Fitt said: 'Is there not something that the people of Cromer can do? This town don't belong to nndc, they are here working for Cromer and its best interests, not their pockets. They are nothing but a destructive abomination what they do.'

Janet Wicks said: 'What a damm stupid idea. Also will they be removing the toilets as well? Not many as it is in Cromer, especially as there is talk about the ones at the Melbourne slope as well.'

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