WATCH: The moment a stricken seal was rescued from a north Norfolk beach

An image from the video of a seal rescue on Waxham beach. Picture: LORNA BURROUGHS

An image from the video of a seal rescue on Waxham beach. Picture: LORNA BURROUGHS - Credit: Archant

Dramatic footage shows the moment a seal entangled at netting on a Norfolk beach was rescued.

The female grey seal had been seen on the beach at Waxham, near Sea Palling, for several days and two unsuccessful attempts had been made to catch it so the netting could be removed.

However on Sunday (July 1) Great Yarmouth-based charity Marine and Wildlife Rescue, Marine and Wildlife Rescue and the Friends of Horsey Seals made a combined effort to catch the mammal, successfully snaring it so it could be taken to the East Winch Wildlife Centre for care.

Dan Goldsmith, the charity's chairman, said the seal was slightly separated from a colony of others, allowing the rescue team to move in.

He said: 'It wasn't as aware as it should have been, and it was a bit on its own, which made it a bit easier to approach. But I would imagine it was in quite a bit of discomfort having the netting on it.

'They were only a few metres away from the sea. The rest of the colony moved off before she did.'

MORE: 'Very sick' grey seal pup with septic cuts rescued from Mundesley beachMr Goldsmith said it was lucky the rescue had gone as smoothly as it did.

He said: 'You never quite know how it's going to go. They are very wary creatures and they can be very aggressive so you have to be so careful.'

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He said the seal underwent treatment today to have the netting removed.

But Mr Goldsmith said this seal was not the only they were aware of around Waxham beach which was suffering from the effects of marine pollution.

He said: 'There are others in the area which still have netting or various pieces attached to them.'