Your say: How are you enjoying the summer so far?

We asked people around Wroxham how they were enjoying their summer so far. 

We asked people around Wroxham how they were enjoying their summer so far. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

After a cold and wet spring, summer is finally upon us in all its glory.

We asked people in Wroxham and Hoveton how they were enjoying their holiday season so far.

Keisha Doughty, 47, King's Lynn: "We did the high ropes course at Altitude44 in Skegness, and then we also did the high ropes at Holkham Hall. We've also walked alpacas at Wells-next-the-Sea, and done some crazy golf at Hunstanton."

Keisha Doughty

Keisha Doughty - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Stuart Doughty, 46, King's Lynn: "I've been doing the garden now that we've had good weather. We've put a new trampoline in.

"We've buried it in the ground so the kids are on the ground so it's not so dangerous.

"We've also booked a boat at Wroxham so we can go out for a day. We've also been barbecuing, it's just been nice to have some sunny weather."

Stuart Doughty

Stuart Doughty - Credit: Stuart Anderson

John Gardiner, 49, Chorley: "We're from up north, Lancashire, and the weather has awful there for the past few weeks and we've been confined to the house.

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"We tend to go to the coast when we can around the Blackpool area, and we've got another holiday planned in a few weeks to Cornwall. This is the first time we've got out anywhere this summer."

John Gardiner

John Gardiner - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Giles Cutting, 51, Hevingham: "I've got a hobby that I do at the weekends, and that's being a gamekeeper.

"I do it for a couple of farms down at Hevingham, I help the farmers out and control the vermin. When the lambs are about you get the foxes come around and you have to control them."

Giles Cutting

Giles Cutting - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Neil Peddlar, 50, Benfleet: "We've just had a boat out for a few hours and went down the broads, and now we're going out for a bit of lunch.

"It's a big change of pace. It's normally away from all the crowds but this year it's very crowded."

Neil Peddlar

Neil Peddlar - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Ruby Peddlar, 14, Benfleet: "It's very peaceful here. We go for walks, and go to the beach. We've got a caravan at Cromer, so we go down to East Runton beach a lot." 

Ruby Peddlar, 14, Benfleet

Ruby Peddlar - Credit: Stuart Anderson