Your say: What does the Queen mean to the people of north Norfolk?

We asked people in Mundesley what the Queen meant to them, ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

We asked people in Mundesley what the Queen meant to them, ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. - Credit: Archant

Four days of celebrations marking the Queen's Platinum Jubilee are about to begin. Reporter Stuart Anderson asked people in Mundesley what Queen Elizabeth II means to them.

Susan Gregson, from Mundesley.

Susan Gregson, from Mundesley. - Credit: Archant

"She's a really special monarch and she's done so much for the country. I just think she's brilliant. Especially at her age to still be doing so much is amazing."
Susan Gregson, 46

Elizabeth Healy.

Elizabeth Healy. - Credit: Archant

"I just think she's lovely, very dignified and so special. I love her and the royal family. She's been through quite a lot with certain things, and she's kept her dignity."  
Elizabeth Healy, 64

Angela Smith.

Angela Smith. - Credit: Archant

"I think she's glorious. I'm on the committee of the (WI) Women's Institute in Mundesley and she's our patron. 70 years is amazing. I've never seen the Queen in person, but she's not far away from us."
Angela Smith, 66

Doreen Joy.

Doreen Joy. - Credit: Archant

"She has given us stability and continuity over the last 70 years, so it's a bit of a worry when she goes that the monarchy might dissolve. She is the monarchy really. I've never met her but I've seen her from a distance, because I used to live in London so I went to events and saw her on the balcony."
Doreen Joy, 50

Bev Reynolds.

Bev Reynolds. - Credit: Archant

"I think she is an absolutely fabulous monarch. She's brought the country together. My first memory of the Queen was the coronation.
I remember seeing it on a little black and white telly. My dad bought it specifically. She's done remarkably well."  
Bev Reynolds, 75

Christine Harding.

Christine Harding. - Credit: Archant

"I'm worried that when she goes the monarchy may not last. She's such a wonderfully lady. I saw her on Plymouth Hoe when I was very young in the Brownies, that was a long time ago."
Christine Harding