Your say: Views on 350 homes plan for North Walsham

We asked people in North Walsham what they thought of a plan for 350 new homes in the town's south. 

We asked people in North Walsham what they thought of a plan for 350 new homes in the town's south. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

Developer Hopkins Homes wants to build 350 new houses on a site in North Walsham's south - between existing estates built by Hopkins and Persimmon.

We asked nearby residents at a consultation event what they thought of the plans. 

John Binden.

John Binden. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"It's bound to happen, and I must admit, Hopkins Homes did a better job than Persimmon [on the other estates].

"The quality and appearance of the housing is much better.

"The land is going to be taken away sooner or later because people are wanting houses, so this is probably a good solution." - John Binden, 75, Norwich Road

Bev Buczynskyj.

Bev Buczynskyj. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"We knew this was in the pipeline anyway. Our concerns are really where access to this site will be where they are going to bring the lorries in. And, obviously, the effect it will have on the traffic." - Bev Buckynskyj, 62, Norwich Road

Paul Buczynskyj.

Paul Buczynskyj. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"I'm also concerned about traffic and access on the Norwich Road, after all it is only a B-road.

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"We're also concerned about the internet. They've been messing about with the internet connection on the Hopkins site and it has affected us quite considerably." - Paul Buckynskyj, 67, Norwich Road

Mari Peacock.

Mari Peacock. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"We're worried about access, where the entrance is going to be and where the builders are going to come in and out.

"Are there going to be community centres, more schools, more doctors? It needs a community centre." - Mari Peacock, Hornbeam Road

Marie Peacock.

Marie Peacock. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"Norwich Road can be very dangerous, there are queues of traffic and queues of people waiting to cross.

"If they did put a community centre there, that would be a positive. And a pond, that's important for nature, for kids and more trees. If it did have those things, it would be OK." - Marie Peacock, 28, Hornbeam Road

John Gubb.

John Gubb. - Credit: Stuart Anderson

"It should be encouraged. We live in a Hopkins Home at the moment and it's good to see a bit more design and planning going into it for a complete band-spread of the community.

"Social housing, houses for the elderly, starter homes, I think it's good news." - John Gubb, Norwich Road