Volunteers needed for start of Poppy Appeal in Cromer

Start of 2018 Poppy Appeal in Cromer. Pictures: supplied by David Pritchard

Start of 2018 Poppy Appeal in Cromer. Pictures: supplied by David Pritchard - Credit: Archant

The annual Poppy Appeal starts next Saturday and volunteers will again be on the streets of Cromer over the next fortnight selling poppies to members of the public.

This year is special as it marks the centenary of the end of the First World War.

To mark the occasion, the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal has introduced some additional items.

Every box of poppies in Cromer will have a limited amount with 1918 – 2018 printed on the leaf in gold coloured lettering.

Poppy Appeal organiser for Cromer and district, David Pritchard said: 'The last four years have been busy with commemorating the First World War, but the Poppy Appeal is also about reaching out to the living and helping those in need today.

'The demand remains constant and wearing a poppy is the least we can do for our brave men and women.

'In recent years, the demand has grown for the metal poppy pins. This year the demand has been acknowledged and poppy volunteers should have enough stock for all who need them.

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'There are other items which will be made available in this year's collection including three other metal pin badges as well as a black Poppy Appeal lanyard.

'Although only a few people still live who can remember any part of the First World War, it is fair to say that in some way or another, everyone is touched in some way by the conflict and the generation who lived through it.

'This year, the public are invited to say thank you with your family, town, or place of work – this thank you can be shown by an additional range of items which will also be available where you get your poppy.'

Volunteers are always needed, and you can choose to help the appeal for anything from an hour upwards.

Can you support the Poppy appeal? If so, get in touch via the Cromer Poppy Appeal email on cromerpao@gmail.com, sending a message on the Cromer Royal British Legion Facebook page – Royal British Legion - Cromer branch or call 07508 063857.