Vodafone announces network improvements in Norfolk village

Man using a mobile phone. Photo credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Man using a mobile phone. Photo credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Vodafone customers in Cawston can expect to enjoy faster 4G mobile data speeds as well as reliable 3G voice signal, thanks to network improvements.

The telecommunications giant said its customers in the north Norfolk village will be able to access fast 4G mobile internet, enjoying the latest news, music and videos on their mobile device, smartphones or tablets.

Vodafone 4G will also support local businesses, helping them to make more effective use of mobile devices and digital services.

Visitors to Cawston will benefit too – faster data speeds mean less time spent waiting for web pages to load.

Kye Prigg, head of networks for Vodafone UK, said: 'Mobile connectivity plays a vital role in supporting the economy and keeping communities in touch. That is why we've invested more than £2 billion on our UK network and services since 2014, and expect to spend a similar amount over the next few years.'

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