'People aren't thinking of others' - Fuel queues impacting Norfolk buses

Sanders Coaches have announced they are introducing 'change vouchers'. Picture: Archant

Sanders Coaches has said its bus services have been impacted by the demand for fuel. - Credit: Archant

Queues for fuel and drivers struggling to get into work is impacting Norfolk's bus operators - though all have said their supplies are not a problem. 

Family-run firm Sanders Coaches has plenty of fuel reserves to ensure its buses will keep running. However, it is finding staff are struggling to get to work, and queueing traffic outside petrol stations is causing difficulties for buses travelling around the region.

Charles Sanders, 63, who co-owns Sanders Coaches with his brother Paul, said: "Our services are running late everywhere, we're having to divert services because of queues obstructing traffic.

"Some people may not be able to get on their journeys due to congestion, and a number of our staff are struggling to get to work due to a lack of fuel. We're managing the situation on a day-to-day basis and hope problems ease."

First Bus said its services are not affected by fuel shortages as it receives its supply direct. But the congestion on Norfolk's roads is impacting buses due to petrol station traffic blocking access to bus stops. 

Konectbus said it is not experiencing any issues to its service. Managing director Jeremy Cooper said: "We have been working with our fuel suppliers and are confident that we will maintain a full service.

"We have found that many motorists have realised that using the bus is a viable alternative to the car, that also enables them to take a positive step for the climate emergency."

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Mr Sanders said he was more concerned about the impact on key workers.

"People aren't thinking of others," he said. "I saw one chap at a garage fill his car up with £2.47 of fuel. People are desperate and are filling up at every opportunity even though they have a near-full tank. 

"What's going to happen if the emergency services can't get petrol? What about the carers who visit people's homes in rural villages, and need their car to access them. Nobody is caring about them." 

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