Near-miss for Norfolk couple as large bolt smashes through windscreen

Bolt smashes through North Walsham couple's window screen on Norwich road

The bolt was thankfully stopped from passing through the windscreen and hitting anyone inside - Credit: Robin Watkins

A Norfolk couple narrowly avoided injury after a large metal bolt flew into their windscreen. 

Robin Watkins was driving back towards his home in North Walsham at around 10am on Saturday when a large bolt fell off a passing lorry and smashed through the windscreen.

North Walsham couple nearly hit by bolt on Norfolk road

A close-up of the hefty bolt that hit Mr Watkins' windscreen - Credit: Robin Watkins

Luckily for Mr Watkins and his wife Jodie, they managed to escape without injury as the bolt was caught in the glass. While they are thankful they are safe, they have been left with a bill of £1,000 for a new windscreen. 

North Walsham couple have near miss on Norwich Road

It was a near miss for the North Walsham couple - Credit: Robin Watkins

They are now asking if anyone else suffered a similar fate while driving on Norwich Road, North Walsham on Saturday morning in order to track down the lorry.  

“We are both okay now, more annoyed that it happened, and interested if anyone saw anything. It could have been a lot worse, so thankfully ourselves and no one else travelling behind us got injured.” 

North Walsham driver hit by bolt on Norfolk road

The couple were covered in bits of glass after the incident but thankfully avoided serious injury - Credit: Robin Watkins

The couple were covered in glass after the hefty bolt hit them, and they quickly pulled over to the roadside for assistance.  

“The guys at the garage were fascinated, they said they had never seen anything like it. It must have flown off at about 50mph. The lorry was spraying all sorts at us before the bolt hit.” 

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Mr Watkins warned other lorry drivers: “If you are driving a lorry, please check that everything is secure.” 

This isn't the first time motorists have been caught out by lorry drivers travelling with unsecure loads in the region this year.

Wrecked month old Tesla Model 3 following accident

Wrecked month old Tesla Model 3 following accident that saw concrete blocks fall from lorry in Weston Longville. - Credit: Neil Collins

In May, a Tesla was destroyed after concrete blocks fell from a lorry in Weston Longville. Thankfully the couple in the car escaped any serious injury.

In June, just days after the Tesla was damaged beyond repair, 18 tonnes of unsecured concrete blocks were found on the back of a lorry in Norfolk. Luckily, officers from the Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team found the lorry before anyone could be seriously hurt. The driver was reported. 

Did you witness a lorry this morning on Norwich Road shedding its load? Or have you suffered a similar ordeal to Mr Watkins?

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