Team to count cars in study of town's traffic

The view from the town hall in Aylsham's National Trust-owned Market Place. Picture: STUART ANDERSON

Aylsham's Market Place. A traffic monitoring day is to take place in the town. - Credit: STUART ANDERSON

A large team of volunteers will be counting cars and other vehicles as they pass through Aylsham in an effort to gain an accurate picture of the traffic movements in the town. 

Trevor Bennett, Aylsham Town Council chairman, said the council's road traffic management group was planning to run the monitoring day on September 20 in conjunction with a consultant, and there would about 40 people involved. 

Mr Bennett said: "At the moment we all have perceptions about what the traffic problems are around Aylsham, and this is being done to get more hard facts.

"September 20 was chosen specifically because that's after school goes back, and there shouldn't be so many tourists around."

Mr Bennett said Aylsham, with its well-preserved medieval street plan that includes many narrow carriageways, faced problems similar to some other market towns. 

He said different steps to make the town centre more accessible for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians were still being discussed.