Theresa May: Lib Dems want to disrupt what people of North Norfolk voted for

Conservative leader Theresa May (centre) has written a letter in support of party colleague James Wi

Conservative leader Theresa May (centre) has written a letter in support of party colleague James Wild (right), in which she is critical of the Liberal Democrats, represented by Norman Lamb (left), ahead of the contest for the North Norfolk seat at this week's General Election. Pictures: Ally McGilvray and Andrew Parsons/I-Images - Credit: Ally McGilvray and Andrew Parsons/I-Images

Prime Minister voices her support for Conservative candidate James Wild.

This election is the most important this country has faced in my lifetime.

Our future prosperity, our standard of living and the opportunities we want for ourselves and our children, all depend on getting the next five years right.

Now more than ever Britain needs a strong and stable Government to get the best deal for our country and to make the most of the opportunities Brexit brings.

Like nearly 60 per cent of the people in North Norfolk, your Conservative candidate James Wild voted to leave the European Union.

His Lib Dem opponent Norman Lamb voted against Brexit. He then failed to vote on whether to trigger Article 50 – the single most important vote in Parliament in decades.

The Lib Dems want a second referendum – they want to disrupt what the people of North Norfolk voted for.

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The stakes have never been higher – the loss of just six seats in this election would see Jeremy Corbyn propped up in Downing Street by the Lib Dems and SNP. Then this weak and floundering leader would have our future in his hands when Brexit negotiations begin.

I want to deliver the best deal for you. By electing James Wild to join my team you will strengthen my hand as we head into the negotiations.

I need the strongest possible mandate to deliver the best deal for Britain, a deal that will strengthen our economy, help you get on and improve your public services.

I know that James will be a powerful champion for North Norfolk and as part of my team he can deliver a better deal for you than you've had in the past.

Like me, James believes that people who live in the countryside should have the same opportunities as those who live in our cities.

As a North Walsham lad, I know James will champion a bid for our new cultural development fund, which will help restore market towns like his to their former glory.

He will support a Conservative government as it works to protect public services in rural areas and he will back our ambitious plans for the farming industry.

As we leave the EU, we want to grow, sell and export more great British food but we will also provide stability for farmers so we will keep farm support at current EU levels for the lifetime of the next Parliament.

Under my strong and stable leadership, a Conservative Government will deliver on its promise to extend mobile phone coverage to 95 per cent of the country by 2022, tackling the poor coverage in this constituency, and will ensure every home and business in North Norfolk gets high speed broadband by 2020.

We will extend the Coastal Communities Fund to 2022, helping seaside towns like Cromer and Sheringham thrive and safeguarding the heritage that has helped make coastal tourism such a successful sector.

We have set aside another £90 million and I know James will be championing the bid to promote the 'Deep History Coast' from Weybourne to Cart Gap.

As we leave the EU and its Common Fisheries Policy, a new Conservative government will work with the fishing industry to introduce a new regime for commercial fishing to preserve and increase stocks and ensure future prosperity for a new generation of fishermen.

We are at the start of a momentous journey and we can look forward with optimism to a day when we can chart our own future and build a fairer, better Britain that works for everyone.

It is what the majority of people in North Norfolk voted for – and it's what a Conservative government will deliver.

Theresa May

Conservative Party Leader