Second GoGoHare becomes a permanent citizen of north Norfolk

The Lepus GoGoHare in North Walsham will become a permanent resident. Picture: NNDC

The Lepus GoGoHare in North Walsham will become a permanent resident. Picture: NNDC - Credit: Archant

North Norfolk has become the full-time home of two of the fabulous GoGoHares that have taken the region by storm.

A Hare Through the Seasons, a star attraction at the sensory garden in Holt Country Park, is to be joined as a permanent north Norfolk resident by Lepus, who has been wowing residents and visitors in North Walsham over the summer.

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) originally agreed to buy A Hare Through the Seasons and to sponsor Lepus.

But following widespread support for Lepus, the council will now buy both hares so they can continue as attractions in their respective locations.

It means Lepus will now not be moved following the forthcoming GoGoHares public auction.

NNDC is particularly pleased to be supporting Break, which is the charity behind the GoGoHares, given its local roots and the fantastic work it does with children and young people across the district and the wider region. Break began life in Sheringham 50 years ago.

The council will be supporting Break in other ways, too, including giving the charity some volunteer days.

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John Lee, Leader of NNDC and of the Conservative group at the council, said: 'We're delighted to secure Lepus for North Walsham. It has become quite an attraction while providing support for a great local charity.'

Eric Seward, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem group at NNDC and a member for North Walsham, said: 'This is what North Walsham district councillors had pressed for. Lepus has attracted a lot of local support and become a valued feature in the town.'

John Rest, Leader of the Independent group at NNDC, said 'Lepus manere!', which means 'the rabbit stay' in English.

Martin Green, fundraising manager of Break, said: 'What a legacy to have this beautiful mosaic sculpture as a permanent fixture in north Norfolk and as a reminder of the GoGoHares trail, celebrating 50 years of Break. We look forward to working closely with the district council in the future and are grateful for its continued support.'

The Chrome GoGo Hare in North Lodge Park, Cromer will be going to the auction at Open in Norwich on October 11.