Indian restaurant is latest eatery to be struck with 0 food hygiene rating

A Taste of India, Bull St. Photo:Antony Kelly Copy: For: EDP norfolk magazine EDP pics © 2005 (01603

A Taste of India, Bull St. Photo:Antony Kelly Copy: For: EDP norfolk magazine EDP pics © 2005 (01603) 772434 - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2005

Another north Norfolk eatery has been branded with a zero food hygiene rating.

Taste of India in Holt has been downgraded from a four to a zero rating, following an inspection on January 23.

The officer found that major improvements were necessary in management of food safety, as well as cleanliness and conditions of the facilities and the building.

The officer, employed by the North Norfolk District Council, also deemed that improvement was necessary in the hygienic handling of food.

'It was harsh,' said Mabs Rahman, 25, who is the owner of the restaurant.

'I was unhappy because the inspector came in on a day when I wasn't there, and the member of staff who was doesn't speak very good English, so couldn't explain to her very well how we do things.

'I wrote a letter to the officer as soon as I arrived back and requested they come back and re-rate us. Unfortunately they can't come back because of policy, but it will go up when they come back as early as possible.'

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The report detailed that the floors were dirty, as were the insides of appliances such as the fridge and extractor fan.

'I've appealed the report, and they're coming back to re-rate us,' said Mr Rahman, who inherited the 27-year-old business from his uncles.

'We've already made the changes necessary, to little cost.'

Taste of India was given between one and three months to act upon the recommendations made, which included replacing wheels on the bottom of fridges, closing holes, making sure doors were fitted properly with no gaps, and replacing oversized drainage grates.

Other recommendations about the storage of food to prevent contamination were also made, as raw food was being stored above pre-prepared or cooked ingredients.

The report also suggested that a second fridge needed to be purchased to further prevent contamination.

'I don't think this will damage our reputation, I'm sure our hygiene rating will go back up very soon when we are re-inspected. We also have our normal customers who will come back irrespective,' Mr Rahman continued.