Water leak outside disabled man's home not fixed for three weeks

Sidney French Stalham

Water has been leaking from under the path outside Sidney French's (inset) house in Stalham for three weeks. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

A water leak flowing outside the house of a man who depends on daily visits from carers was not fixed for three weeks.

Sidney French, 72, who lives on St Benet's Close in Stalham, said that the water was trickling non-stop from under the path into a drain in front of his house, which is owned by Victory Homes.

When he first reported the problem, he phoned Anglian Water and they arrived "quickly" on the scene, he said, but as the leak is on private land, it was not their responsibility.

St Benets Close Stalham

A leak outside a house on St Benet's Close in Stalham has not been flowing for three weeks. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

Mr French, who has multiple sclerosis, said that a man from Victory Homes visited the house but said he could not fix the problem.

"He said it's leaking about a litre of water every few seconds," Mr French said.

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He phoned Victory again a fortnight ago and was told that a contractor had been arranged to visit and fix the issue.

"But nobody has been here," said Mr French on Thursday (September 23).

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Two carers visit him twice a day. "The leak affects them, when they're coming up the path. The carers have to paddle up the path," he said.

Mr French has lived in the house for just over eight years and never had any issues before.

Sidney French, 72, who lives on St Benet's Close in Stalham

Sidney French, 72, who lives on St Benet's Close in Stalham, depends on daily visits from carers. - Credit: Daniel Hickey

He was diagnosed with MS ten years ago. Until then, he had worked for 30 years in retail in Stalham.

After being contacted by this newspaper, Victory Homes repaired the leak on Friday (September 24).

Adrian Barber, Managing Director of Victory Homes, said: “We’re sorry for any inconvenience the delay has caused Mr French.

"We’re currently working through a significant backlog of repairs due to Covid-19, and we must prioritise emergencies.

"The water leak in the front garden did not cause any damage to Mr French’s home and has now been fixed.”

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