Stalham: shopping survey results

EDP reporters headed out on Stalham's high street to see how traders were faring in tough economic times. This is what shopkeepers and shoppers had to say.

Ten shopkeepers and 10 shoppers were surveyed, the figures given are for how many people gave that answer.

Questions for Shopkeepers:

How long has your shop been open?

Most Read

Under five years (3)

Between five and 10 years

Between 10 and 20 years (2)

More than 20 years (5)

Would you recommend opening a small shop to someone else?

Yes (6)

No (2)

Maybe (2)

Which of the following statements is most true?

Trade has increased in the past 18 months (3)

Trade has decreased in the past 18 months (2)

Trade has remained steady in the past 18 months (4)

(one person did not answer this question)

Do you believe the government does enough to support small, independent shops?

Yes (2)

No (6)

Maybe (2)

If no, what measures would help?

cheaper rents for local businesses (3)

free parking (2)

VAT concessions (5)

tighter planning rules (2)

discretionary rates to help small local businesses etc (3)

Discourage big supermarkets (1)

Would you describe your town/city centre as a 'clone town' with more chain stores then independent ones?


No (10)

Do you feel supermarkets have negatively impacted on your trade?

Yes (5)

No (5)

Questions for shoppers:

Where do you buy most of your food?

Major supermarket chain (9)

Small local shop (2)

(one person chose two options)


Where do you buy most of your non-food items?

Major supermarket (3)

Local High Street or town centre (5)

Norwich or other city high street (2)

Does your local high street currently provide enough quality and variety for you to just shop there and nowhere else?

Yes (5)

No (5)

If it did would you choose to shop locally and stay away from major supermarkets?

Yes (4)

No (6)

Are you proud of your local town centre?

Yes (7)

No (2)

Sometimes (1)

Are any of the following statements true?

Proud of local town centre (5)

Used to be proud but not any more (1)

There is a poor choice of shops in my local town centre (2)

A vibrant high street is vital to the community (7)

There are too many chain stores in my local own centre

I shop at a supermarket, rather than an independent store (7)

I shop at an independent store, rather than at a supermarket

There are too many supermarkets in my area

What would improve your High Street?


A few more shops

There are too many takeaways and not enough clothes shops.

More independent shops

More distinctively local produce and more small shops

What are your main considerations when shopping? (Tick whichever applies)

Price of goods (7)

Convenient choice of goods (6)

Want to buy local goods (2)

Want to support local business (4)

Free parking (4)

Sense of community (4)

What factors would make you more likely to shop in your local high street?

A few more different shops

Price of goods